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Monday, 8 July 2013

Our Big Night In with Money Supermarket

When Money Supermarket set us the Big Night in Challenge i wondered how we should spend it but with the sun definitely putting on his hat and coming out to play i decided that an  impromptu garden party was the way forward. So i set out to the shops with tiny man in tow and came back with two nephews, Grandma , Grandad and a couple of bags full of shopping.

So as the boys got busy out in the garden i began preparing some snacks and putting together some fun ideas for the boys to burn up some energy. First up was setting up the water table and tent for little man and tiny man to play in, and the older nephews were easily amused with a football and goalposts. It wasn't long before the games began, we had the 'crossbar challenge' and 'hitting a target'.

After a while my nephews were asking for more games, so whilst tiny nipped off for a little nap I quickly put together our very own Sports Day challenge. Not being aware that we would be hosting such a prolific event, i  had to think on my feet and the old classic egg and spoon race was recreated as the mushroom and baby spoon race, whilst the obstacle race incorporated the newly purchased water table and the polystyrene packaging from the new hob we had fitted a week ago.

Refreshments and snacks were consumed, so we then moved on to hiding tiny dinosaurs in the garden and throwing the ball into the bucket. As we were all running out of steam the Ice Cream van played his merry tune and it was time to nip out onto the street for a cooler treat. By this time it was time for the visitors to head home and after five more minutes out in the garden the boys were ready for a bath.

When the boys were tucked up in bed it was time for strawberries and cream to toast Murray's Wimbledon success and to reflect on a lovely family fun day.

Our tips for a sucessful (Sporting) Night in with children

Don't over prepare (I made some of the games up as i went involved)
Get the children involved.
Be creative, do things you have not done before, invent, make new rules (Who new the mushroom and spoonn race could be such fun! You saw it here first!)
Have plenty of drinks on standby
Relax and have fun
Make memories, be silly and laugh.

Disclaimer: A big thumbs up and plastic gold medal to Money Supermarket who sent us £50 to enjoy our big night in.


  1. looks like you guys had great fun :) I may try the spoon and mushroom game ;)


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