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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Project 365 days 181-187

  181- This always makes me smile how Tiny sleeps
182-Happiness is watching TV
183- Little man's well loved first shoes
184- Little man playing out with daddy in just his vest despite the cold
185-Spotted this huge Thomas engine, little man loves the blue engine
186- Just love watching these two play together

187- New oven- time to get baking one of my favourite smells

July' pictures

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky


  1. Love your take on the themes from FatMumSlim.

  2. Z's first pair of shoes look a lot like that too, I can't bear to throw them away! :) Its so cute when babies sleep all curled up with their bum in the air!

  3. It is amazing how babies sleep like that, really cute. New oven, how lovely, I wish mine was as clean as that

  4. Aha, I like your interpretation on the themes from FMS! Great photo of your little fella running around in his vest.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  5. oh no it seems like several of you are doing the theme thing - i knew i should have worked harder to join in.
    great photos to suit the themes - i love the bottom in the air pic (cute) and how Tiny watches TV x

  6. Love your take on the themes, was so tempted to find the first shoes- it is so wonderful to be reminded of those moments.
    And I love the bum in the air, I have one who sleeps like that and the other sleeps outstretched- so beautiful.

  7. loving the picture of Tiny sleeping how cute!! xx

  8. Love the two pictures with bums in the air. It is funny how children sleep. My H (6) still sleeps like that sometimes.

  9. SO cute when they sleep like that. It always used to make my heart melt when I found mine sleeping in that position :)

  10. How cute is the sleep position and first shoes.

  11. Arthur had those as his first shoes too!!

  12. Is it wrong that I am totally jealous of your oven??? Ours broke two days before Bella's birthday and we are still without!!


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