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Sunday, 1 September 2013

My 99p Store Summer Challenge

This summer the 99p stores set out a challenge to see how much fun could be had with Ten pounds. Eager to get started I went for a mooch around our local stores to see what goodies I could find to create some fun little activities for the boys.

I was keen to find a range of things and had set myself a little brief of finding things that may have more than one use, or that could be used for in different activities. So when I spotted these little sandcastle pots I new I had a winner, not only where they filled with candy lollies that I could steal, they came with a selection of mini tools, which were are perfect for the little ones for playing in the sand. In addition to using the little castles for playing in the  moon sand  that we created we also used them as fun moulds for our jellies.

Bubbles are always a big hit in our house so when is spotted a giant, giant bubble wand I couldn't resist. Now to be honest I wasn't expecting much from these but they were in fact the best bubbles ever, so much so that I keep paying a trip back to see if I can get my hands on any more. The bubbles that this wand created were immense and watching how excited the boys got as the clusters of huge bubbles were blown across the bathroom. The added bonus was that little man could catch and hold these monster bubbles without them popping. Priceless!

In addition to fruit shaped ice cube trays that not only helped cool our drinks but will double up as several messy play activities over the coming weekends, I purchased a pack of glow sticks which the little man loved to have hanging in his den to read a story or two before bed.

Thank you 99p stores for this allowing us to join the Summer challenge

Disclaimer: we were sent a ten pound voucher for the 99p store to participate in this challenge 


  1. I love hitting the 99p shops! You did really well :)


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