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Thursday, 28 November 2013

A holiday in the UK... can it be possible?

For many years when i have sat down to think about holiday destinations i have been surrounded by brochures boasting warmer climes, clear blue seas and what you can get for your Euro. However this year when planning our first holiday as a family of four i began thinking of the holiday memories from when i was younger and me and my sister would go away with parents or grandparents.

It wasn't all about sun and lying on sun loungers, it was about family time, crazy golf and ice creams, about getting wet and cold and enjoying the unpredictable British summer weather. Most of all it was about the magic of going on holiday, having fun and making memories.

I want to create those memories for my children, for my family so i thought about my ideal location and what we want from a holiday. A home from home, being away but still being able to enjoy home comforts, somewhere where there are activities and entertainment that we can indulge in should we wish. The option to eat in and eat out, a bit of flexibility. So after flicking through numerous brochures i found a selection of UK holiday parks offering all this and more.

This year we have packed up the boot of the car and headed off on road trips to explore some of the holiday locations closer to home, and the boys have had a ball playing in outdoor pools, running through sand dunes and meeting some of their favourite characters over breakfast.

So although the British weather may not guarantee sun and the children may be making sandcastles in the rain, there is something to be said about a holiday in good old Blighty!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. We almost always holiday here in the UK now. My parents own a holiday home over on the Isle of Arran in Scotland so we can holiday there for free! The kids love caravan holidays and camping holidays so we often go away for the weekend - booking last minute if the weather forecast looks ok. It is so much cheaper holidaying here in the UK and on the kids seems to get so much more exercise and fresh air from playing out. Whenever we have gone abroad, the kids seem too hot so they sit in the shade playing on hand held computers!

  2. We take a uk holiday down to Devon as we have family down there. My 2 up year old lives it as my cousins son is only 8 months older then here and they get on so. making lots of happy holiday memory's.


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