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Monday, 16 December 2013

Top 10 apps for monitoring your energy consumption.

This winter, don't get caught out in the cold by the always unexpected energy bill from hell. Too many of us rely on good cheer to see us through dark days, putting off any sort of monitoring until bills begin to pile up. Then, grimacing against the chill of bitter finance, we're forced to open them all at once. With low prices for energy tariffs being hard, but not impossible to find - and the cost of the festive season, you're better off investing your time in some of these free apps for smartphones.

Available on: iOS

Utilising Green Button technology, this app was developed for the US Department of Energy's 2012 'Apps for Energy' challenge. Residential customers can track their energy usage across all appliances, and it's easy to use interface provides graphic that's converted into an 'Energy Score'. The overall aim is to allow customers to develop strategies for 'going green(er)', with the added incentive of allowing you to challenge your friends to compete for the greenest household.

Available on: iOS

This app takes the concept of creating a 'green' competition amongst friends and turns energy efficiency into a game. Perfect for those who fear monitoring their usage, and an ideal introduction to principles of sustainability for younger consumers. Play with friends, collect trophies and learn about your environmental impact.

AlertMe Energy Map
Available on: iOS

Sharpen your competitive green edge with this app, which provides details on energy consumption per UK borough. Compare how well you're doing with the local average, or enjoy a slice of humble pie as you knuckle down to some serious energy saving.

Energy Consumption Analyzer
Available on: Android

Similar to Kill-Ur-Watts but for Android, this app utilises manually entered readings from your electricity, gas and water meters. Input data at your convenience and, over time, the app determines usage per hour, day, week or month. A handy graph allows you to work out peak times and areas where energy is used in excess.

The Green Deal App
Available on: Android and iOS

Recent government schemes such as the Feed-In Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive are awarding loans to many homes where occupiers are seeking to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint. This app allows you to work out exactly how much you could save by participating in the Green Deal.

Electricity Calculator
Available on: Android

Work out the actual cost, as well as usage, of electricity per appliance or device. It's designed with long-term efficiency in mind, allowing users to forecast costs and determine return on investment for new appliances.

Standby Energy Cost Calculator
Available on: Android

According to The Guardian, appliances left on 'standby' use up to £86 in energy costs per year. Use this app to determine the price of electricity per appliance. Comes complete with standard costs for each of 50 different appliances, and colour codes to help you determine the main offenders.

Drip Detective
Available on: Android

Using touchscreen technology, this app allows you to measure any drip – be it tap, pipe or toilet – by tapping in time with the drips. It then calculates the amount of water wasted over a period of time, whether that's by the day, month or year, and exactly how much it costs you in water bills.

Available on: Android and iOS

Select your car type, engine size and age and use GPS to track your journey and provide details on your carbon footprint. If you're already concerned about the environment and take measures to lessen your impact, this app will tell you exactly how much you've saved compared to the average driver.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat
Available on: Android and iOS

This ingenious app allows you to control your home thermostat remotely. You will need a compatabile Smart Thermostat, but the savings you can make from monitoring and adjusting your homes temperature are worth the investment.

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