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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Your three years eve

Little man it's your three years Eve. Tomorrow you are going to be three years old. How did that happen, it only seems like yesterday that you made your timely entrance into the world.  Firstly I want to tell you how proud mummy and daddy are of you, we still find ourselves looking at you in awe. You really are our little miracle man.

Your second year has seen you grow so much and seen your funny and cheeky personality really start to emerge. I still love how cuddly you are in the morning and how you always want one last juice before bed.Your language has really developed and I am constantly surprised by some of the words that you come out with and your love of letters and numbers. You have started to say the funniest of things now, just a couple of weeks ago whilst out for a meal you asked for a rice crispie and banana pizza and have asked for Father Christmas to come to your birthday.

I love watching you play, learning new things and the way that you read your stories to me, and how you look out for your little brother. You are so helpful and are always keen to run around and clean up especially after your brother spills his milk.

I still pop into your room every night little man to give you an extra kiss. I really am  a very lucky mummy.

Here are some of your favourite things from your second year:

Your two favourite songs are:

Wheels on the bus and London Bridge

Your two favourite books are:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Peace at last ( both of which you recite so well)

You two favourite characters:

Thomas the Tank and Curious George

You love milk and yoghurt
You have a very sweet tooth

Happy Birthday Eve , love you so much little man xxx
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