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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Moments that mattered in 2013

2013 seemed to fly by, from little man turning two in early January, Christmas soon seemed to come along although the year was packed with lots of highlights and moments that really mattered.

The boys both had birthdays is the first few months and their little tea parties were lovely family gatherings and a afternoons packed full of party food, cake and proper party games.

We took advantage of the summer weather and spent days outside in the garden and enjoyed walks in the park.

We took a little break and enjoyed staying in a little caravan near the beach.

Little mans language really develop and could really tell us what he wanted, he learnt to count and take an interest in letters. He said I love you'

Tiny learned to walk and talk he learned 'mummy' and 'daddy. Learned how to play , how to feed himself.

We had days out Thomasland, the beach, the park. We had picnics we had takeaways. We had messy play. We read books over and over. We had fun lots and lots of fun.

We went away to London, we enjoyed lots of Christmas festivities.

We had lots of cuddles, and made lots of memories.

And I watched my two little men, watched them grow, watched them bond, watched them grow closer as brothers and saw my love for them grow stronger.

This is my entry in to the Lloyds Moments that  mattered competition.

ELC Art Challenge

Little Man has really started to show his creative streak, so when ELC asked if we would like to participate in the Valentines Challenge we saw this as an ideal opportunity to put those skills to good use.

We were sent a collage toolbox which contained allsorts of crafty goodies from paper and glue through to jewels and wiggly eyes. Little man was really taken with the kit and walked around all evening shouting he was off to work.

Before we started our Valentines crafts little man we talked about love and little man decided that he wanted to make something for me, so we set about making a picture that was a bouquet of flowers. Little man set to work and chose coloured sticks for the vase and green pipe cleaners for the stems, carefully gluing them to the card. Next he selected lots of different coloured sparkly pom poms for the flowers.

Little man was in full flow and as he saw that his craft boxed was still packed with goodies he to make something else. So i asked him to choose materials from the box that he would like to use and he selected coloured beads and after finding a length of elastic in the box i asked little man if he would like to make mummy a bracelet. Eager to started a tied a big knot at the end of the elastic and asked little man to thread the beads onto the elastic. He really enjoyed this as he selected each bead he shouted the colour of the bead and added to the elastic, we found this to a great hand- eye co-ordination activity. As the elastic was filled i then tied the two ends together. Little man was so pleased with his effort and how it looked on mummy that he asked to make one for himself. So we repeated the activity using a smaller length of elastic.

After making mummy a beautiful flower picture and bracelet little man asked to make something for grandma, so we decided on a little love bug picture. I cut out two heart shaped pieces from the yellow and black card and stuck the yellow heart to another piece of card. i then cut stripes for little man to stick on to the bug. which he did he then picked some wiggly eyes. Little man then asked to add legs and arms to the bug which he did using a white pipe cleaner. he then selected a couple of sequins and heart shaped jewel to complete the decorations. I think it looks really cute!!

 Disclaimer: We were sent craft materials to participate in the ELCArtChallenge

Monday, 3 February 2014

Childhood Crazes

Whilst watching a Fireman Sam DVD with the boys tonight it brought back childhood memories as it was the very same episode that my brother watched when he was younger. This got me thinking about toys that have stood the test of time and then the fads that my sister and I had when we were younger.

Care Bears we were both obsessed, from cuddly bears to plastic figures shortly. The introduction of the Care Bears sticker book started a fascination with collecting stickers and the eternal search for  'furry' and  'shinies'.

Collectables seemed to be the norm and  whilst I collected erasers with everything from pencils to burgers my sister had hundreds and hundreds of key rings.

Cereal box collectables were always a hit, with everything from stickers to bike reflectors buried at the bottom of the weekly cereal of choice which usually was something that was chosen for the sole purpose of hunting out the bagged treasure.

Cabbage patch kid dolls followed and the introduction of the more sinister adaption of the Garbage Pail kids created a mad frenzy of card collections in search of Slimy Sam and friends.

Whilst Rainbow Brite and My little Pony also had their moments,lights alive, Goblins, and tamagotchi were also firm favourites. Everyone who was anyone had a water game too......always a firm favourite for birthday presents (such a simple toy but hours and hours of fun pressing a button to fire hoops onto a pole)

These crazes didn't stop at toys and collectables jelly bean shoes and bags were a must alongside a candy watch watch and bracelet and your hair up in a banana clip. Any spare pennies were spent at the newsagents on push pops and ring pop lollies. A few years later we then moved on to the next craze of swatch watches which came in various colours and patterns.

Then do you remember the craze of the  Coke Cola spinners Yoyo's were Everyone was obsessed with trying to find a gold ring pull to win a prized gold Yoyo, and adults and children alike were frantically trying to master the arts of  'walking the dog' and 'rocking the baby'  in order to attend the spinner championships.

What were your childhood Crazes? These are some of the favourites listed on the Amazing Crazes website who are reminscing on five decades of childhood obsessions

Disclaimer this is a entry to the Oxford Open Learning Competition

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Heating on the Go

With the steady increase in the cost of living, i am always on the lookout for practical ways in which we can save money: from shopping online, buying in the sales to scouring online sites to find the best deals on a whole host of bills. Heating is one of most expensive bills and i admit to often coming home from work and the heating has been on all day or coming home and having to crank the heating up as i have been soaked on the way home! As its not always easy to predict the weather in this country, i find it difficult to find ways of making a saving on the heating bill.

Hive have a solution, with the introduction of an innovative new product which allows you to control your heating and hot water via your Smartphone, tablet or PC. Not only can you control your heating temperature whilst on the go, but it allows you to become more energy efficient and begin to make savings on your energy bills.

The Hive Application
The mobile application allows you to add preset temperatures, add a daily heating schedule, add events (such as the boys swimming lessons) control your hot water and if your heating is turned off frost protection which will ensure a minium temperature is maintained.

Hive has been designed so that it works alongide your current heating system meaning that you don't have to change energy suppliers.

Having the ability to adapt my central heating at the same rate as our ever inconsistent weather wherever i happen to be is a huge appeal, and with the added possiblity of saving money as well as always having a comfortable home to come back to at the end of a long day sounds like a winner!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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