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Monday, 3 February 2014

Childhood Crazes

Whilst watching a Fireman Sam DVD with the boys tonight it brought back childhood memories as it was the very same episode that my brother watched when he was younger. This got me thinking about toys that have stood the test of time and then the fads that my sister and I had when we were younger.

Care Bears we were both obsessed, from cuddly bears to plastic figures shortly. The introduction of the Care Bears sticker book started a fascination with collecting stickers and the eternal search for  'furry' and  'shinies'.

Collectables seemed to be the norm and  whilst I collected erasers with everything from pencils to burgers my sister had hundreds and hundreds of key rings.

Cereal box collectables were always a hit, with everything from stickers to bike reflectors buried at the bottom of the weekly cereal of choice which usually was something that was chosen for the sole purpose of hunting out the bagged treasure.

Cabbage patch kid dolls followed and the introduction of the more sinister adaption of the Garbage Pail kids created a mad frenzy of card collections in search of Slimy Sam and friends.

Whilst Rainbow Brite and My little Pony also had their moments,lights alive, Goblins, and tamagotchi were also firm favourites. Everyone who was anyone had a water game too......always a firm favourite for birthday presents (such a simple toy but hours and hours of fun pressing a button to fire hoops onto a pole)

These crazes didn't stop at toys and collectables jelly bean shoes and bags were a must alongside a candy watch watch and bracelet and your hair up in a banana clip. Any spare pennies were spent at the newsagents on push pops and ring pop lollies. A few years later we then moved on to the next craze of swatch watches which came in various colours and patterns.

Then do you remember the craze of the  Coke Cola spinners Yoyo's were Everyone was obsessed with trying to find a gold ring pull to win a prized gold Yoyo, and adults and children alike were frantically trying to master the arts of  'walking the dog' and 'rocking the baby'  in order to attend the spinner championships.

What were your childhood Crazes? These are some of the favourites listed on the Amazing Crazes website who are reminscing on five decades of childhood obsessions

Disclaimer this is a entry to the Oxford Open Learning Competition


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