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Thursday, 6 February 2014

ELC Art Challenge

Little Man has really started to show his creative streak, so when ELC asked if we would like to participate in the Valentines Challenge we saw this as an ideal opportunity to put those skills to good use.

We were sent a collage toolbox which contained allsorts of crafty goodies from paper and glue through to jewels and wiggly eyes. Little man was really taken with the kit and walked around all evening shouting he was off to work.

Before we started our Valentines crafts little man we talked about love and little man decided that he wanted to make something for me, so we set about making a picture that was a bouquet of flowers. Little man set to work and chose coloured sticks for the vase and green pipe cleaners for the stems, carefully gluing them to the card. Next he selected lots of different coloured sparkly pom poms for the flowers.

Little man was in full flow and as he saw that his craft boxed was still packed with goodies he to make something else. So i asked him to choose materials from the box that he would like to use and he selected coloured beads and after finding a length of elastic in the box i asked little man if he would like to make mummy a bracelet. Eager to started a tied a big knot at the end of the elastic and asked little man to thread the beads onto the elastic. He really enjoyed this as he selected each bead he shouted the colour of the bead and added to the elastic, we found this to a great hand- eye co-ordination activity. As the elastic was filled i then tied the two ends together. Little man was so pleased with his effort and how it looked on mummy that he asked to make one for himself. So we repeated the activity using a smaller length of elastic.

After making mummy a beautiful flower picture and bracelet little man asked to make something for grandma, so we decided on a little love bug picture. I cut out two heart shaped pieces from the yellow and black card and stuck the yellow heart to another piece of card. i then cut stripes for little man to stick on to the bug. which he did he then picked some wiggly eyes. Little man then asked to add legs and arms to the bug which he did using a white pipe cleaner. he then selected a couple of sequins and heart shaped jewel to complete the decorations. I think it looks really cute!!

 Disclaimer: We were sent craft materials to participate in the ELCArtChallenge


  1. The love bug is so cute! The flower bouquet looks better than something I wouldve created at 28 - great job! x


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