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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas making memories

It's no secret I absolutely adore Christmas, I am a merchandiser dream, from Christmas hats to Christmas socks I have purchased the lot. Ever since having children of my own there is the added magic of seeing the pure excitement on their faces from the first day of the advent, through to the ever so special Christmas Eve and of course the big day itself.

I have so many special memories of Christmases when I was younger and I hope to help create such magical memories for my family too. Simple things such as decorating the tree, visiting Santa's grotto and of course writing the all important list to the big man himself. When I was younger I was so excited for the regular visit to Santa to tell him that I had been good all year and come away hoping that I may catch a glimpse of him in my living room filing my stocking on Christmas Eve.

My sister and I spent many a Christmas Eve trying to keep each other awake waiting for Santa, wondering where he was and if he would call. Waking super early on Christmas mornings to peep downstairs to see 'if he had been', and running into our parents room in hope that it was time to go get up properly.

The boys are now at the age where real memories can be created and they have really started to believe in Father Christmas. It would be a dream  come true to be able to take the boys to Lapland and capture the sheer excitement and the true magic of visiting Father Christmas at his home.

This is my entry into the @Transun Lapland competition.
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