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Monday, 26 January 2015

Five reasons why I still carry my changing bag

Even though  the boys are a little older now I rarely leave the house without my changing bag in tow. My changing bag ( or bags...I will mention this later) has over the last few years become my third arm, my partner in crime, my treasure chest of problem solvers.

1) Firstly my changing bag has a secondary function as my handbag, so instead of carting around two bags, which I did at first for the first few months,Everything goes in the one bag, to save my sanity (I don't have to spend ten minutes checking I have everything)  and to save my shoulders that took a fair battering carrying everything but the kitchen sink.

2) Secondly changing bags have become a bit of a fashion statement, there are so many pretty and stylish designs some are even designed look like handbags (have a look at the wide range online at Tesco) So I may have indulged this a little bit and own quite a few of varying shapes and sizes. Even one of the boy's nursery bags has been transformed into a spare one that usually lives at Grandma's house

3) This is probably the most obvious reason, tiny man is still in nappies. So my changing is always packed full of nappies wipes, nappy bags cream etc, not everywhere is as well stocked as some of our local baby changing facilities. As i have found on the odd occasion it is best to come prepared.

4) Another reason being is these changing bags don't just contain nappies, i think any mum will vouch for me here and confirm that these bags are packed with items for every occasion. From an emergency supply of medicines, creams lotions and potions, mine contains spoons, emergency snacks, a few toys, bibs, clean clothes, pen and paper, a diary and a few old teething rings. Yes everything but the kitchen sink it appears....note to self i must sort it out!

5) Lastly it may just be me, but i have always found that changing bags are a real conversation starter.   Styles, designs, capacity and contents are usual topics of conversation. There may even be a little contest with a few mums on latest releases and number of bags owned, but don't tell the other half.

Disclaimer: this post is written in collaboration with Tesco
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