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Monday, 23 March 2015

Tomorrow you are Three

Tiny man, tomorrow is your third birthday, a whole three years old. How did that happen? This last year seems to have passed by so quickly and has seen you grow so much, and although I still call you my tiny little man you definitely have a large personality.

You are so excited about your birthday, you show me that you are going to be three using your fingers (trying you hardest o hold the other fingers down)


Your vocabulary has come on in leaps and bounds and you astound me with some of the things that you come out with at times, and can easily make you yourself heard and understood.

You love to make music, sing, and play on your toy, strumming out Peppa Pig and the Bing Bong song.

Your a creative little soul and love to draw and colour, you have mastered circles and you like to draw little people, with detail. My recent mother's day card was so special.

You spend hours playing with toy trains, and tracks and can probably recall all of the Thomas engines, your favourites being Emily and Steam Belle.

You are such a loving tiny man, and you love playing with your big brother and your cuddles with mummy and daddy.

You love your teddies and chocolate ice cream!

Tiny man, you are amazing, a little solider and a little sweetheart.

Tucking you up tonight my two year old tiny man, I love you, sweet dreams. Happy Birthday Eve.

Tomorrow you will be Three xx


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