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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Five Reasons why I didn't find out baby's gender.

Now don't get me wrong I love a good gender reveal and am probably up there with the rest of them when it comes to asking that question 'are you finding out what you are having?'

I completely get the reasons why people choose to find out the gender from organisation, through to a burning desire to know.

Here are five reasons why I won't be finding out bean bags gender.

1) Surprise, I didn't find out the gender with the boys, and loved the element of surprise whilst in labour ( and it was definitely a motivator at times) and the midwife handing baby over and saying it's a..... I guess I am a little old school and think if I didn't do it for the others I shouldn't do it for this one either, same start and all that. It's also really nice to be able to announce to the family  full details of baby's arrival, after all there aren't many surprises in life.

2) Uncooperative bump, at our twenty week scan we told the sonographer that we didn't want to find out bean bag's gender, she informed us that even if we did want to find out baby was crossed leg and not willing to reveal themselves. A sure fire sign that we had made the right decision.

3) Names and personality, this might just be me and I am certainly no expert but I think if I knew bean bag's gender we would have a name already picked out, have an idea about their personality and maybe even refer to bump with their chosen names. Now with my first two we have chosen names for both boys and girls, but when the arrived the names didn't seem the right fit, and with little man it tooks us 48 hours to decide on the 'right' name and with tiny man it took well over a week! This time I am not focusing on choosing names, don't get me wrong there are names we both like, but we will see what baby looks like first.

4) No exchange, being a mum to two boys I often get the question or statements do you want a girl or will it be a girl next?  Now don't get me wrong I would absolutely love a little girl to add to our little family ( I have always thought I would have both boys and girls) but baby's gender is decided and what will be was meant to be and these little babas don't come with an exchange policy and once you know you know.This little bump will be another little miracle and when baby is cuddled in my arms I will cherish the thought that I have been blessed to be a mummy again

5) Shopping, I can't resist newborn clothes and although believe it or not I bought very little for this one as yet I am relishing the thought of not one shopping spree prior to babies arrival for the neutral colours but another when baby puts in there appearance for either baby girls or baby boys clobber.

Do I wish i had found out, there is an odd moment when I think it may have been nice to know, but that soon passes and I am so excited not to know the gender.

Did you find out your littles ones gender?


  1. oooh you are so patient, i can't wait,i want to know now!!!!! haha also have 2 boys and getting the same comments from people which is slightly annoying. I might find out but make everyone else waiting ;)

  2. I didn't find out with my first (my choice) but did with second two (husband's choice) but we kept it a secret

    1. Ooh, did you not find it hard knowing and not telling anybody?

  3. Those are all great reasons and I bet the surprise is fantastic. I am sadly too impatient - If I could have found out with the positive pregnancy test I would have ;)

  4. We didn't find out with Z and it was so nice to have a surprise. I was convinced he was a boy. We won't ask this time either but this time I have no real instinct and would be happy with either!

    1. Ah that's good. Do you get asked a lot if you are going to find out?

  5. We found out with Eva and Luka then when pregnant with Bella decided not to, since we already had one of each. With Elsie we did find out as we are too impatient (!) but told everyone we didn't know. I wish we'd kept it a surprise actually as that was fun. I get your reasons- not much is a surprise in life, and we didn't know we'd have a planned section when we found out with Elsie either. x x
    Thanks for linking to #MaternityMatters x x


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