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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

36 week bump update and another Growth scan

I am quickly putting together my 36 weeks update as it looks like this will be my last one. This week saw me start my maternity leave and return to the hospital for another growth scan.

The scan followed the usual growth scan procedure with measurements and as baby was still measuring small they also carried out the fetal Doppler scan again. The sonographer also took some time to let me have a peak at baby, and although the later scan photos don't seem to be as detailed she did manage to point out all babies facial features, hair and rib cage. The measurements were then plotted on my personalised growth chart and I was sent to wait for the consultants review.

I was called through to the consultant one who I had never seen before but seemed very nice. He looked at the results of the scan which showed another dip in babies growth and was now measuring on the 5th centile. He asked about the kind of birth that I wanted as it was decided that plans would be made for baby to be born around 37 weeks.

The plan has been that I always wanted to to try for a VBAC so induction methods were discussed as these are different to normal induction methods. I still want to try for a normal birth so before I left I was given a date for induction and two further sets of monitoring beforehand.

Neither of the planned CTG monitoring sessions were plain sailing and after the first showing baby having dips in heart rate and the other resulting in a full mornings monitoring as babies heart rate was increased. So this resulted in an additional monitoring appointment too.

So it looks like the plan is induction at 37 weeks, good job I brought my maternity leave forward!

You can read my 34 week update here

Monday, 25 May 2015

34th week growth scan

After my 32 week update it seemed like quite a milestone to have reached the 34 week scan appointment. I have never previously had a scan at 34 weeks but have had serial growth scans in both this and previous pregnancies so I knew the drill that they were looking to measure baby's head tummy, head and thigh and plot the growth on my personalised growth chart.

I was lucky as it was the same sonographer that conducted my 32 week scan so she knew my history and remembered why I was being scanned. The scan seemed to take a long time as baby was not playing ball and was lying in an funny position making it difficult to get accurate measurements from around the tummy and thigh. The sonographer was very detailed and after finally getting the measurements she then conducted to fetal Doppler scan to check on the blood flow to the placenta.

After the scan I was reviewed by the consultant two was happy that there was an improvement in baby's growth and it was back on the 10th centile. However on examination there was concern as my tummy was very hard and tender. So as a precaution I was sent to the maternity triage department for a further review.

On arrival at triage I was again hooked up to CTG monitor and my observations were taken. It was decided that as tiny man was born at 35 weeks that they would take a swab to check if there were any signs of preterm labour with this baby. Although a little uncomfortable the test was carried out and no signs of labour were detected.

So after being advised to get in touch if there were any further developments I was sent home with the next appointment being the 36 week growth scan.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A New Arrival and New Beginnings

A couple of weeks ago I followed the news of the Royal baby birth from my hospital bed, and for some time it looked as if our little baby bundle would share a similar birthday to Baby Charlotte. No doubt our birth experiences will be very different and I am not sure I can imagine what it would be like to have so many people eagerly awaiting baby news. However as the duchess stood on the steps of Lindo wing cradling her newborn daughter I was getting ready for the all clear, ready for home with baby bump still intact. It did strike a chord that despite everything she has just welcomed her new baby daughter into the world.

 Although a far cry from carrying a child who is potentially in line for the throne, it did get me thinking about the future and hopes for baby number three and how my own little prince or princess will find their feet in this world.

 As a mother I have always worked hard to provide the same for each of my children and will work just as hard to do this for number three, and although my two boys have such differing personalities they have each had the same start in life.

Personalities can often influence our futures and many believe that our star sign can define our characteristics. I wonder if the Royal baby Charlotte, will have the typical traits of a Taurus woman and how my child will differ being a likely Gemini.

Regardless of  personality like any other mother, health, and happiness are some of non material wishes for baby number three. I would also like to create the perfect family unit and be able to provide for all of my children's need and although wealth may sometimes be an issue, one thing that I am sure I will have in common with the Duchess is the amount of love that I have for my children.

Disclaimer: This is a featured post.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

A 32 week bump update

Well it's certainly been an eventful week it terms of baby bump. I started the week really struggling with back pain, assuming it was just the way that baby was lay I carried on and started my working week as normal. However by the end if the day on Tuesday I wasn't feeling too well and had started to experience contraction type pains. Airing on the side of caution as tiny man was early I decided to give maternity triage a call expecting to be given some advice and just to keep an eye in my symptoms, but due to my history the decided I needed to seen.

I arrived at maternity triage and although I did really expect to be sent home, I had packed an overnight bag just in case. On arrival I was hooked up to the monitor to check on baby and my basic observations were done. Shortly after I was seen by a consultant registrar who again covered my history and did some further observations  took blood and advised that I would be admitted for the night. I had a temperature, my heart rate was higher than normal and was slightly dehydrated along with protein in my urine.

An hour later a midwife came to admit me and to my surprise I was taken through to the delivery suite for monitoring. I was shocked to find myself in the delivery suite a room with a crib, and everything ready for a baby's arrival. I was seen by numerous doctors and consultants and again hooked to the monitor to keep an eye on the contractions. I was also put on IV fluids and antibiotics, and given anti-sickness medication.

After a restless night were in which I was monitored every few hours I was seen by a further consultant who advised that I would be transferred to a general maternity ward and kept in for a further 24hours until all the test results had come back, and I would remain on IV antibiotics and fluids.

On the general maternity ward I was given further medication for blood thinning and also steroids for the baby's lungs should baby decide to make an early appearance. Results came back to show that infection markers where higher, further confirmation of the group b strep and protein and key tones in my urine. All was well with baby, and it was assumed that the infections were causing the contractions.

I spent five long nights in hospital before being given the all clear to go home. I was also given further appointments for Doppler scans and consultant reviews over the coming weeks.

I found it really hard being in hospital with the boys at home, and despite their visits home times were really hard. Both the boys made me lovely cards which did cheer me up but the constant monitoring and noise throughout the ward meant that sleep was at a premium.

We have been booked in for a growth scan at 34 weeks I will keep you posted.
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