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Monday, 25 May 2015

34th week growth scan

After my 32 week update it seemed like quite a milestone to have reached the 34 week scan appointment. I have never previously had a scan at 34 weeks but have had serial growth scans in both this and previous pregnancies so I knew the drill that they were looking to measure baby's head tummy, head and thigh and plot the growth on my personalised growth chart.

I was lucky as it was the same sonographer that conducted my 32 week scan so she knew my history and remembered why I was being scanned. The scan seemed to take a long time as baby was not playing ball and was lying in an funny position making it difficult to get accurate measurements from around the tummy and thigh. The sonographer was very detailed and after finally getting the measurements she then conducted to fetal Doppler scan to check on the blood flow to the placenta.

After the scan I was reviewed by the consultant two was happy that there was an improvement in baby's growth and it was back on the 10th centile. However on examination there was concern as my tummy was very hard and tender. So as a precaution I was sent to the maternity triage department for a further review.

On arrival at triage I was again hooked up to CTG monitor and my observations were taken. It was decided that as tiny man was born at 35 weeks that they would take a swab to check if there were any signs of preterm labour with this baby. Although a little uncomfortable the test was carried out and no signs of labour were detected.

So after being advised to get in touch if there were any further developments I was sent home with the next appointment being the 36 week growth scan.


  1. Must be a bit tiring for you now lovely with all the waiting and wondering. Great news that there's been an improvement in the baby's growth though. Hope the 36 week scan goes really well xx


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