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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

36 week bump update and another Growth scan

I am quickly putting together my 36 weeks update as it looks like this will be my last one. This week saw me start my maternity leave and return to the hospital for another growth scan.

The scan followed the usual growth scan procedure with measurements and as baby was still measuring small they also carried out the fetal Doppler scan again. The sonographer also took some time to let me have a peak at baby, and although the later scan photos don't seem to be as detailed she did manage to point out all babies facial features, hair and rib cage. The measurements were then plotted on my personalised growth chart and I was sent to wait for the consultants review.

I was called through to the consultant one who I had never seen before but seemed very nice. He looked at the results of the scan which showed another dip in babies growth and was now measuring on the 5th centile. He asked about the kind of birth that I wanted as it was decided that plans would be made for baby to be born around 37 weeks.

The plan has been that I always wanted to to try for a VBAC so induction methods were discussed as these are different to normal induction methods. I still want to try for a normal birth so before I left I was given a date for induction and two further sets of monitoring beforehand.

Neither of the planned CTG monitoring sessions were plain sailing and after the first showing baby having dips in heart rate and the other resulting in a full mornings monitoring as babies heart rate was increased. So this resulted in an additional monitoring appointment too.

So it looks like the plan is induction at 37 weeks, good job I brought my maternity leave forward!

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  1. So lovely reading this knowing that baby is here now. What a scary time though with all the scans and monitoring. Have been thinking of you lots.Thanks for linking to #MaternityMatters x xx


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