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Thursday, 21 May 2015

A New Arrival and New Beginnings

A couple of weeks ago I followed the news of the Royal baby birth from my hospital bed, and for some time it looked as if our little baby bundle would share a similar birthday to Baby Charlotte. No doubt our birth experiences will be very different and I am not sure I can imagine what it would be like to have so many people eagerly awaiting baby news. However as the duchess stood on the steps of Lindo wing cradling her newborn daughter I was getting ready for the all clear, ready for home with baby bump still intact. It did strike a chord that despite everything she has just welcomed her new baby daughter into the world.

 Although a far cry from carrying a child who is potentially in line for the throne, it did get me thinking about the future and hopes for baby number three and how my own little prince or princess will find their feet in this world.

 As a mother I have always worked hard to provide the same for each of my children and will work just as hard to do this for number three, and although my two boys have such differing personalities they have each had the same start in life.

Personalities can often influence our futures and many believe that our star sign can define our characteristics. I wonder if the Royal baby Charlotte, will have the typical traits of a Taurus woman and how my child will differ being a likely Gemini.

Regardless of  personality like any other mother, health, and happiness are some of non material wishes for baby number three. I would also like to create the perfect family unit and be able to provide for all of my children's need and although wealth may sometimes be an issue, one thing that I am sure I will have in common with the Duchess is the amount of love that I have for my children.

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