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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why boys need bags too!

Although I am mummy to three little boys we never leave the house together without at least one bag,  and have several different bags dependant upon our outing but there are staple items that come with us no matter what the occasion.

Little Mans and Tiny Mans bags:

The boys definitely like to make a statement with their bags from their favourite characters to different colours and sizes.

I always pack the boys bags with a

  • Change of clothing in case of spillages and accidents
  • Drinks bottle
  • Baby wipes ( perfect for a multitude of sins especially with little boys)

It doesn't stop there as the boys like to add their own bits and pieces to the bags (these two little men love their little treasures) this was today's collection:

  • A wooden train: these are often the toy of choice at the minute
  • Peppa Pig mobile: all important these days!
  • A purse and a pot of pretend money - ice creams on you today boys?
  • And of course a shuttle....!

The boys also love helping with the shopping and will happily carry items home from the supermarket

The baby's bag: (Also known as The Family Bag)

Although this bag has clocked up some air and sea miles (cruising with us last summer) more often that not I can be found carrying my Pink Lining blooming gorgeous bag, not only is it blooming gorgeous its a perfect size for the newest addition and a change of clothes for tiny man  and other  bits and piece to get us through a family day out.

The Family Bag:

  • The baby's  essentials; nappies, nappy sacks changing mat ,several changes of clothing, wipes, Muslim cloths, and bibs. I always carry a plastic bag for any wet or soiled clothing

  • A change of clothes for tiny man although he is potty trained I liked to be prepared in case of an accident. Again the plastic bag comes in handy.

Random but handy:

  • Spoons, straws  and money

Summer essentials:

  • Travel sized sun cream and sun hats

This is our entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador search

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Happy 60th Birthday Miffy

One of my favourite childhood characters was Miffy and i remember spending hours and hours reading the books with both my mum and grandma, i was smitten with the little bunny.

When the eldest was born my mum bought him a little Miffy bear and not so long ago both the boys became Miffy fans when grandma got them some Miffy DVDs for a birthday present.

This week sees the loveable little character celebrate her 60th birthday and we have been lucky enough to be sent a preview of some of the wonderful things lined up to celebrate this milestone.

Miffys Birthday Book:

The hardback book is illustrated exactly the way i remember, with bold coloured pages and the classic Miffy print.

Inside the book the large print and rhyming story all about how Miffy celebrates her birthday makes it easy for children to follow.

Little man enjoyed following the story, and it was lovely for me to be able to share one of my childhood favourites with my sons.

Miffy will be holding a Twitter birthday party this Friday 19th June from 1pm there will be giveaways too.

For all you Miffy fans keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting more bunny related posts soon.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Miffy goodie bag in my role as a Miffy mum but all thoughts are our own

Welcome to the World Little One

You may have noticed that things have been a little quite recently. Well there is good reason for that. This dinky little man made his entrance into the world on the 28th May, weighing 5lb 5oz.

We are all totally besotted and the boys adore their new little brother. We are all getting to know our new addition and adapting to become a family of five (now the chickenpox have disappeared). So for now i will be treasuring the lovely newborn snuggles and battling the sleepless nights!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

37 weeks Waiting for induction

After my 36 week scan and consultant appointment it was decided that as baby was still measuring small and now on the 5th centile that i would be given a date for induction at 37 weeks. I was still adamant that i wanted to try for a VBAC and the consultant agreed that it should be possible it just meant that induction would be via the balloon technique rather than the pessary.

Coming away from the appointment knowing that i was likely to be induced was a strange feeling knowing that things may not happen as naturally as planned and secondly that all of my  birth stories would be completely different.

So fast forward a week, and after finishing work to start maternity, last minute shopping, packing of hospital bags and some shuffling around of childcare for the boys i was admitted to hospital on the evening of 37 weeks for the planned induction.

I spent the day of induction at home with the boys, cuddled on the sofa watching DVDs reading books, playing games and eating ice cream, and with what i suspect were the early signs of labour. We all drove to the hospital and i hugged and kissed  my little family knowing soon that we would be a family of five

On arrival i was shown to the ward and shortly after settling i was popped on the ctg monitor and seen by a senior midwife in order to get things started. However on examination the  midwife could not determine baby's position and suspecting that baby could be breach. This meant that a scan would be required to confirm the position and determine what action would be taken.

It was a long few hours waiting for around for the scan and just before midnight the registrar conducted the scan and confirmed that baby was in fact head down and after examination decided that the balloon would not be required for induction as my waters would be able to be broken.

I was sent back to the ward advised that as soon as a bed was available on the delivery suite that i would be taken down however hour after hour passed and although i tried to sleep a mixture of nerves,expectancy and the other ladies in labour prevented me from sleep.

The following morning i was still waiting the apprehension was building but i knew it would be more than likely that i would be meeting my baby very soon.

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