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Sunday, 14 June 2015

37 weeks Waiting for induction

After my 36 week scan and consultant appointment it was decided that as baby was still measuring small and now on the 5th centile that i would be given a date for induction at 37 weeks. I was still adamant that i wanted to try for a VBAC and the consultant agreed that it should be possible it just meant that induction would be via the balloon technique rather than the pessary.

Coming away from the appointment knowing that i was likely to be induced was a strange feeling knowing that things may not happen as naturally as planned and secondly that all of my  birth stories would be completely different.

So fast forward a week, and after finishing work to start maternity, last minute shopping, packing of hospital bags and some shuffling around of childcare for the boys i was admitted to hospital on the evening of 37 weeks for the planned induction.

I spent the day of induction at home with the boys, cuddled on the sofa watching DVDs reading books, playing games and eating ice cream, and with what i suspect were the early signs of labour. We all drove to the hospital and i hugged and kissed  my little family knowing soon that we would be a family of five

On arrival i was shown to the ward and shortly after settling i was popped on the ctg monitor and seen by a senior midwife in order to get things started. However on examination the  midwife could not determine baby's position and suspecting that baby could be breach. This meant that a scan would be required to confirm the position and determine what action would be taken.

It was a long few hours waiting for around for the scan and just before midnight the registrar conducted the scan and confirmed that baby was in fact head down and after examination decided that the balloon would not be required for induction as my waters would be able to be broken.

I was sent back to the ward advised that as soon as a bed was available on the delivery suite that i would be taken down however hour after hour passed and although i tried to sleep a mixture of nerves,expectancy and the other ladies in labour prevented me from sleep.

The following morning i was still waiting the apprehension was building but i knew it would be more than likely that i would be meeting my baby very soon.


  1. Ahh bless you, you've had so many trips to be monitored. Bet it feels like a relief to not have those anymore and have your little bundle of joy in your arms :)

  2. Eek! I was induced using the balloon technique. I know what you mean about the nervous feeling when you're waiting! Ready for part 2 :)

  3. Oh exciting! Although I know that baby boy is now here. SO sorry I'm late in reading but thank you for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x


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