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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why boys need bags too!

Although I am mummy to three little boys we never leave the house together without at least one bag,  and have several different bags dependant upon our outing but there are staple items that come with us no matter what the occasion.

Little Mans and Tiny Mans bags:

The boys definitely like to make a statement with their bags from their favourite characters to different colours and sizes.

I always pack the boys bags with a

  • Change of clothing in case of spillages and accidents
  • Drinks bottle
  • Baby wipes ( perfect for a multitude of sins especially with little boys)

It doesn't stop there as the boys like to add their own bits and pieces to the bags (these two little men love their little treasures) this was today's collection:

  • A wooden train: these are often the toy of choice at the minute
  • Peppa Pig mobile: all important these days!
  • A purse and a pot of pretend money - ice creams on you today boys?
  • And of course a shuttle....!

The boys also love helping with the shopping and will happily carry items home from the supermarket

The baby's bag: (Also known as The Family Bag)

Although this bag has clocked up some air and sea miles (cruising with us last summer) more often that not I can be found carrying my Pink Lining blooming gorgeous bag, not only is it blooming gorgeous its a perfect size for the newest addition and a change of clothes for tiny man  and other  bits and piece to get us through a family day out.

The Family Bag:

  • The baby's  essentials; nappies, nappy sacks changing mat ,several changes of clothing, wipes, Muslim cloths, and bibs. I always carry a plastic bag for any wet or soiled clothing

  • A change of clothes for tiny man although he is potty trained I liked to be prepared in case of an accident. Again the plastic bag comes in handy.

Random but handy:

  • Spoons, straws  and money

Summer essentials:

  • Travel sized sun cream and sun hats

This is our entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador search


  1. I have yet to get my kids to carry their own bags, perhaps this is something I should start this summer! I think they'd just end up leaving them somewhere though ;) x

  2. Love The Very Hungry Caterpillar bag- think my littlie would really like it.
    The family bag is great isn't it- can hold everything and the kitchen sink!

  3. We have a Mickey Mouse rucksack for J, but I always end up sticking my things in there so I don't have to take two bags! It doesn't always go with my outfit but makes life a lot easier taking one bag instead of! x


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