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Monday, 20 July 2015

HotMilk Lingerie - Review

A week or so  before little pops planned induction I paid our local retail park a visit in order to get the last bits for the hospital bag and also to get measured and fitted for a nursing bra. At 36 weeks pregnant i was within the advice guidelines of when to get measured.
Assuming that this was something relatively simple i was surprised to see that they actually stocked nothing in my 'bigger size' and the ranges that they did stock were of very basic designs. Over the next few days i searched several bigger name retails with no avail. So it a bit of a last minute panic the night before planned induction i resorted to ordering a couple from and online shop on Ebay.

When maternity and nursing lingerie specialists HotMilk got in touch to see if wanted to review a nursing bra i jumped at the chance. Firstly  i was pleasantly surprised by the range of bras they had available and secondly how beautiful the range was. I searched the website (which can be done by size) and was spoilt for choice.

I selected the 'Show Off' nursing bra in navy, which is made from a silky microfibre material and has a lovely lace detailing pattern at the top.

Although the bra is non wired it does provide plenty of support, fuller cups and is extremely comfortable to wear and is a great fit.
 The back  is fitted with six hook and eye fasteners to allow for a comfort fitting and also has the one handed clip fasteners which are perfect for breastfeeding. The frame support also provides a modesty cover which is great when feeding out and about.

I was extremely pleased with the fit of the bra, which provides really good support (i thought that i would only find this support in an underwired bra) and looked pretty too which is a far cry from some of my other nursing bras.

Comfort is extremely important and i have worn this throughout the day and despite feeding on numerous occasions the bra remained comfortable and required no adjusting or messing after feeds.

The bra washes well and has retained its shape and support extremely well. Not only is this a really pretty bra it is an ideal nursing bra for me, providing me with support and comfort and addressing all the practicalities needed when breastfeeding.

The show off bra is priced at just under £33 which is more than i would normally pay but as a 'bigger size' customer struggling to find something on the high street is well worth the investment in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I was sent this bra for the purpose of review but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Humidity and Illnesses

One of the worst ailments that have affected both Little Man and Tiny Man in their early years has been Bronchiolitis. This nasty virus induced condition can lead to severe respiratory difficulties and nothing is worse than seeing your child literally struggle for every breath. Croup is another condition that is common in young children and is currently doing the rounds with pre-school children.

Although Tiniest Man is only 7 weeks old I am watching him ever so closely for the tell tale signs of Bronchiolitis. This week he has had a little cold and has been really bunged up and had little sneezes which have disrupted both his feeding and his sleep patterns. Fortunately I am sure that there is no virus involved here, but it got me thinking as to what other causes of breathing affecting illnesses there were and how I could minimise the risk of tiniest catching anything else.

I was already aware of switching to ‘greener’ and more natural cleaning products, as most standard cleaners, bleaches and the like can give off an alarming cocktail of chemicals which are toxic to the environment and of course my family! 

There's nothing better than freshly laundered bed linen so our bed is changed weekly and the tiniest man has changed daily.

I also try and vacuum at least twice a week to minimise dust  (not forgetting to clean the filter and empty it so as not to send the dust back into the air!) as dust and dust mites can contribute to allergic reactions. Having wooden, vinyl or tiled floors helps to alleviate this issue

It is important to be made aware of the negative effects of humidity in a house, especially with the recent weather we have been having. Reducing the humidity with a dehumidifier makes it a lot harder for mould and mildew to grow, and really gives dust mites a hard time too! Reducing moisture levels in your house will improve respiratory conditions like asthma making breathing a lot more easy and dramatically reducing levels of wheezing and snoring – in adults as well as infants. (A drier environment in the house will have benefits on your daily tasks too; clothes left to dry inside will do so quicker for example, and food will stay fresher longer).

Certainly something for me to consider as I try and provide Tiniest man with a snuffle free start !

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Yoghurts on the go

Both the boys are yoghurt monsters, gobbling down at least one a day. It's a great way for them to increase their calcium intake and is one of their  healthier pudding options.  Petits Filous is one of our favourite ranges so when we heard about the new pouches we were keen to give them a try.

The pouches are available in three different flavours: strawberry, raspberry and apricot. Priced at 79p each however I picked them up on offer three for £2.

Like the yoghurts pots these are a great size for children and have resealable tops. The pouches are made with a straw type dispenser making the yoghurts easy to consume when out and about. They are also great for messy little ones like tiny man who usually ends up wearing as much from the pot as he has eaten.

Little man said that they were delicious and soon demolished the first pouch, he also enjoyed it as a drink with his breakfast. Daddy has also  packed one of these in his lunch box so that he doesn't need to worry about spoons.

These yoghurts would be perfect as addition to al fresco dining, as ice cool refreshing drinking after playing in the garden, or in a lunchbox (without the worry of yoghurt being spilt everywhere).

Although these are more expensive than conventional yoghurts pots they will be sure to feature in our picnic basket this summer.

We love:

The straw type dispenser- no need for spoons
The sturdy pouch packaging and re-sealable factor
The convience of being more portable
Our favourite flavours

We would like:

Multipack options
A more competitive price

Disclaimer: We were provided a payment to purchase the Petits Filous but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Baby Shower Invites - Feather grey review

It's no secret that I do love a little party and all the planning that comes with it and I am a particular stickler when it comes to invites and matching paraphernalia. When planning a party I tend to choose a theme and purchase all the matching accessories so when the lovely Kate at Feather Grey offered to design some personalised baby shower invites I jumped at the opportunity.

The invitations are handmade so I requested a mint green colour as we didn't know babies gender so wanted something unisex and i thought it would be something a bit different. I was also sent co-ordinating cupcake toppers, table confetti and decoration pom-poms.

When the parcel arrived I was instantly impressed with the attention to detail with products wrapped in tissue paper and everything was contained within cellophane wrapping.

The mint green theme was very pretty and the added detail of a  cute little greet elephant made these perfect for a baby related event.. The table confetti completed the theme beautifully with little mint green and white elephant shapes, with little eyes and ears details.

The invites had been personalised with baby's surname and event details, however these could be left blank to add your own. Personally I would of like to seen a to field so that invite could be addressed to each attendee but this can be added on the envelopes that are supplied. The invites were great quality and a firm card had been used.

Again the cupcake toppers had the same print and were on a long straw which made a great centrepiece display and also sat well on the cakes.

The personalised bunting was beautiful and very well made and was thread onto a very elegant white ribbon.

Thank you cards are also produced in the same print which carries the themes right through.

I loved the print and the personalised touch. It was fantastic to have the theme running throughout the event. The colour coordinated pompoms completed the range beautifully.

Feather Grey cater for all sorts of occasions check their range out here.
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