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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Humidity and Illnesses

One of the worst ailments that have affected both Little Man and Tiny Man in their early years has been Bronchiolitis. This nasty virus induced condition can lead to severe respiratory difficulties and nothing is worse than seeing your child literally struggle for every breath. Croup is another condition that is common in young children and is currently doing the rounds with pre-school children.

Although Tiniest Man is only 7 weeks old I am watching him ever so closely for the tell tale signs of Bronchiolitis. This week he has had a little cold and has been really bunged up and had little sneezes which have disrupted both his feeding and his sleep patterns. Fortunately I am sure that there is no virus involved here, but it got me thinking as to what other causes of breathing affecting illnesses there were and how I could minimise the risk of tiniest catching anything else.

I was already aware of switching to ‘greener’ and more natural cleaning products, as most standard cleaners, bleaches and the like can give off an alarming cocktail of chemicals which are toxic to the environment and of course my family! 

There's nothing better than freshly laundered bed linen so our bed is changed weekly and the tiniest man has changed daily.

I also try and vacuum at least twice a week to minimise dust  (not forgetting to clean the filter and empty it so as not to send the dust back into the air!) as dust and dust mites can contribute to allergic reactions. Having wooden, vinyl or tiled floors helps to alleviate this issue

It is important to be made aware of the negative effects of humidity in a house, especially with the recent weather we have been having. Reducing the humidity with a dehumidifier makes it a lot harder for mould and mildew to grow, and really gives dust mites a hard time too! Reducing moisture levels in your house will improve respiratory conditions like asthma making breathing a lot more easy and dramatically reducing levels of wheezing and snoring – in adults as well as infants. (A drier environment in the house will have benefits on your daily tasks too; clothes left to dry inside will do so quicker for example, and food will stay fresher longer).

Certainly something for me to consider as I try and provide Tiniest man with a snuffle free start !

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. We've had a few chest infections but thankfully never anything too serious, some good tips here though, I hope they work for you! X

  2. We've had a few chest infections but thankfully never anything too serious, some good tips here though, I hope they work for you! X

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