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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Yoghurts on the go

Both the boys are yoghurt monsters, gobbling down at least one a day. It's a great way for them to increase their calcium intake and is one of their  healthier pudding options.  Petits Filous is one of our favourite ranges so when we heard about the new pouches we were keen to give them a try.

The pouches are available in three different flavours: strawberry, raspberry and apricot. Priced at 79p each however I picked them up on offer three for £2.

Like the yoghurts pots these are a great size for children and have resealable tops. The pouches are made with a straw type dispenser making the yoghurts easy to consume when out and about. They are also great for messy little ones like tiny man who usually ends up wearing as much from the pot as he has eaten.

Little man said that they were delicious and soon demolished the first pouch, he also enjoyed it as a drink with his breakfast. Daddy has also  packed one of these in his lunch box so that he doesn't need to worry about spoons.

These yoghurts would be perfect as addition to al fresco dining, as ice cool refreshing drinking after playing in the garden, or in a lunchbox (without the worry of yoghurt being spilt everywhere).

Although these are more expensive than conventional yoghurts pots they will be sure to feature in our picnic basket this summer.

We love:

The straw type dispenser- no need for spoons
The sturdy pouch packaging and re-sealable factor
The convience of being more portable
Our favourite flavours

We would like:

Multipack options
A more competitive price

Disclaimer: We were provided a payment to purchase the Petits Filous but all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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