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Monday, 24 August 2015

Lego Dream House

Little man loves to build and has just started to explore the concept of Lego so when we were offered the chance to build a Lego Dream House with Ocean Finance it was a perfect opportunity to get creative.

Now if you asked me about my dream home I would be thinking of a huge kitchen with island, conservatory, play room and a spare bedroom, big garden  etc but it seems these don't feature in a four year olds ideal home.

So little man set out armed with his box of Lego and a few extra pieces that had been passed down from his nephews and this is what he come up with.

Little man was very keen throughout the build to describe the features of his 'dream home' and it seems that security is very high on the agenda at this home.

Firstly there is an entrance gate at the front path to let the good guys in sorry no baddies allowed.

Down the front path there is also a dog detector, they have to stay outside too and a glow light for when it gets dark.

The front of the house is complete with door number so in little mans words the 'postman knows where to call' and of course security is top priority we have a house alarm complete with water spray. The side garden also has its very owntrap door just in case any baddies are located, they will be thrown in!

Inside the house little man has fitted a telephone for those important calls, one bed so that we can all sleep together and for a safety conscious little man a safety gate to make sure children are safe.

Moving into the back garden we have the chief aka Daddy who is gardening, an outside bath/paddling pool  complete with big taps and a BBQ for cooking tea.

This post is our entry into the Ocean Finance Bloggers competition, we were sent a box of Lego to allow us to take part.


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