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Friday, 18 September 2015

A Home from Home

Last week we visited the in-laws who have a lovely house in Chester, although it's under an hour away from our home in some ways it seems a million miles away. Whether it's the mix of city and green space or the the historic origins, but everything seems to be a much more relaxed pace and as we took the city tour down the River Dee, I spotted a lovely little property that I could happily see as my own.

I can see why many people choose to relocate and retire to different areas or even different countries. After many of years of paying into pensions schemes, paying mortgages,insurances, policies and providing for their offspring, there is a definite lure of creating a new start.

This got me thinking about my ideal retirement location, and despite the lure of foreign seas I think that some parts of the UK really tick all the boxes. So for now here is my top three.

Firstly as I mentioned at the start of the post is Chester, with the appeal of a great city centre, and lovely walks, I could see myself spending hours exploring the City walls, strolling through the parks and dining in the many different eateries, as well as being only a stones throw away from Wales.

Next up would be Southport which again is only an hour away, but has that wonderful sea air, traditional seaside attractions and of course some fantastic green space.

Lastly somewhere 'down south' such as Devon  or Torquay, that tends to see the best of the British weather, have amazing Cornish ice creams and cream teas. Not only that but they have the most adorable village locations, quaint houses with thatched roofs, and for the more seaside type locations there are those beautiful brightly coloured beach huts, which I could quite happily fit with all the mod cons and call that my home.

However if the numbers come up, I won't hesitate in thinking twice about boarding a cruise ship and sailing round the world a few times before I make up my mind!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post


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