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Monday, 14 September 2015

Gro-Snug - Review

Despite little pops being my third child i have never been able to master the skill of swaddling. I have tried with different types of blankets and swaddle blankets but have never quite been able to create that snug little haven that newborns seem to love. So when i was offered the opportunity to review the Gro- Snug a new product from the Gro Company which combines a swaddle and sleeping bag all in one i was keen to give it a try,

The Gro- Snug has been cleverly designed so that it combines a swaddle and a sleeping bag in one by the use of popper and zip fastenings and is suitable for babies from 5 to 12lb.

To start with we used the Gro-Snug as a swaddle. The swaddle is super easy to use and it really is just a case of closing the poppers and the front zip fastening. As Pop's was very wriggly, we found that the swaddle really helped to comfort him and we saw quite a marked improvement in his sleeping and really helped with the startle reflex.

The Gro Snug easily converts into a gro-bag and after the swaddling stage we used the snug as gro-bag, where arms can be out simply by opening the popper fastenings. This allows Pops to remain warm and comfortable and made the transition to a sleeping bag a seamless one.

In both modes the Gro-Snug opens from the bottom to allow for easy nappy changes. Chin and zip guards are also fitted to prevent any rubbing. The Gro- Snug is made from supersoft cotton and can be washed and tumbled dried, and as we have used ours so much i have found that it has washed well and remained supersoft.

The Gro- Snug is available in two different weights dependent on the room temperature; light for use in warm rooms of 21-25c and cosy for cooler rooms of 16-20c. It is available in three different colours of white, grey marl and rainbow spot, each coming with a handy little room thermometer.

We have used the Gro-Snug every day since receiving and i can honestly say that we love this product. The ability to combine an easy to use swaddle and gro- bag in one is in my opinion a genius idea and i will definitely be recommending this product to other parents.

Disclaimer: We received a Gro-Snug for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


  1. looks fab, hoping to try this when my little girl is born :)

  2. I'd really like to try one of these when my next baby is born, my daughter always used to escape from her swaddle, so this would probably be a good alternative #triedtested

  3. Aww! This looks so cute! What a great idea x

  4. Oh I didn't know the Gro Company did a swaddle type sleeping bag! Wished I had know when Harlow was smaller. Great review :) #TriedTested

  5. What a great swaddle bag! We love Gro-Bags and never knew they had these in their range too! #TriedTested

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