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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Num Noms at Bella Italia and Giveaway.

Earlier this month we were invited along to the NumNoms event at Bella Italia in Manchester. The invite was full of lots of fun activities and the boys couldn't wait starting the morning with a game of guessing the food item. Little man took this quite serious putting on his blindfold and smelling the various items. Definitely safe to say that this boy can differentiate his chocolate from his garlic bread!

Next up the boys headed over to the area that have been packed full of NumNoms. Tiny was straight over to the Num Noms ice cream van and even the dinky one loved watching the motorised Num Noms scuttle across the floor.

The boys then donned their chefs hats and set to work making their own pizzas for lunch. Its a good job they were one of the last ones up as I have never seen so many toppings loaded onto a pizza and their finish creations looked amazing.

After tucking in to their pizzas, the boys enjoyed ice cream whilst a delicious array of food was brought out  for all the parents to tuck into. The boys headed back across to the Num Noms to build towers.

The boys had a fantastic time and headed away from the event with a Num Noms mystery box each. I also have a fab little giveaway for one of my readers to get their hands on a Num Noms starter kit and two mystery pots.

Num Noms Starter Pack and Mystery Pots
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