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Monday, 16 January 2017

Paint your Own Irish Fairy Door- A Review

Just before Christmas the boys were sent an Irish Fairy Door for review and after the magic of the door used by the Elf of the Shelf they were excited to create a Fairy garden.

The box contained:
  • The Fairy door
  • Set of paints and paintbrush
  • Selection of felt tip pens
  • Self adhesive decorations
  • A bottle containing a magic key
  • Stepping stones
  • Fairy lease agreement
  • Notepad and colouring book
The boys were keen to get started on decorating the door, and with having free reign on design the boys discussed the colours they wanted to use, and came up with a rather striking design for the door.

The pack contained everything needed to decorate the door and it was nice to have a selection of paints and felt pens. The self adhesive decorations were a lovely touch and the boys imaginations really came to force here, and the fact that no glue was needed was an absolute bonus.

In addition to the door comes the Fairy Lease agreement, which should be signed by the family members and the fairy. The welcome guide which talks you through the arrival of your fairy.

The fairy door can also be registered online with the unique code provided, whereby you add details about your fairy including the name you have given it, and your family name. There is also the option of downloading the Fairy door app which has exclusive stories, and play activities.

The idea behind the Fairy Door is that:

  • You find a home for the Fairy Door- we chose to have ours in the garden
  • You decide on the details of your Fairy - girl, boy, and a name
  • The fairy is registered online using the unique code in the welcome guide
  • The magic key and the signed fairy lease agreement is to be left outside the door.
  • The fairy then collects the magic key
  • The fairy then visits and helps with bad dreams etc.
  • You can leave notes and treats for the fairy using the notelets in the pack
The fairy door is a lovely idea and great for imaginative play. The attention to detail is super and its seems the The Irish Fairy Door Company have thought of everything to make this a magical concept.The door has a RRP of £20 and is available a Paint your Own, or pre painted options. A wide range of accessories are also available to compliment the Fairy door from fairy friends to accessories to make a perfect fairy garden


  1. That looks really cute. Chloe is really into painting things at the moment so I'm sure she'd love it.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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