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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

An interview with my eldest two

A few weeks ago I was tagged by Kate from lesbemums to take part in an interview with the boys. Its been something that I have been meaning to do for a while as i thought it would be fun to look back on:

So here's what the eldest two had to say (without any prompts)

Whats the best thing about being 6 and 5?

J: sometimes you can have a phone
S: because I can do curly C's

What makes you laugh?

J: S makes me laugh
S: when I show my bottom out

Who do you love and why?

J: Mummy and Daddy as they keep looking after me!
S: Mummy and Daddy because they are the best!!

Favourite food?

J: Bella Lasagne, spaghetti bolgnese and ice cream
S: Broccoli and crisp

Favourite song?

J: Star Wars
S: Pokemon

Favourite TV programme?

J: Mr Bean
S Pokemon

Favourite toy?

J: A Drone
S: Pokeballs

Favourite thing to do?

J: Have Big squeezy cuddles
S: Play Pokemon
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