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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Chicken pox and Shingles

Last month little man had a couple of days feeling under the weather, I thought he was just coming down with the virus that had been doing the rounds at school. Only a couple of days later a couple of spots appeared, that looked most like chickenpox. I consulted with several friends who agreed it was unlikely to get chicken pox twice, especially if the first time wasn't a mild version.

A day later and a trip to the GP and a confirmed diagnosis of chicken pox and the agreement that is very unusual together chickenpox twice.usually the follow up is a episode of Shingles which I am quite glad he didn't get. Little man wasn't unwell but was happy to enjoy a few days at home snuggled on the sofa.

Speaking from personal experience only ( I am no GP)  but Shingles can be rather painful and unpleasant. I had my first episode of Shingles shortly after I had my tonsils out, I had just returned to work and remember thinking that my back was aching and burning, a day later and a blistered rash had formed part way around my torso and I had indeed got Shingles. Although I had some pain it was  not too bad, I know some can , my Mother in Law for one have terrible pain and continues to get flare ups.

Seeking GP advice early can help, as they can diagnose the condition and can provide the appropriate advice and information in dealing with an episode of Shingles.

Shingles is contagious until the rash has scabbed over and can be dangerous to pregnant women who haven't had chickenpox, babies under 1 month old and those people with weakened immune systems.

My sister had a very mild dose but as she was working with public she was signed off worked until the rash had cleared completely.

My episode of shingles was relatively mild and lasted around two weeks. I found that there is always big discussions around the contagiousness of chicken pox and Shingles, the NHS website has lots of useful facts on Shingles and chickenpox.

Disclaimer this  sponsored post is written on my  knowledge and experience of shingles.

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